We Empower.

At Empowered Startups, we pursue data driven decision making to reduce risk and minimize waste.

Our ventures are innovative, unique and ambitious.

Since 2002 we have developed an effective methodology for bringing a venture from ideation stage to product market fit.

We build companies with you.

Discover & Observe.

We work with our entrepreneurs to communicate with their
potential customers. Sorting out the pains & gains, and identifying
early adopters through customer segmentation.

Learn, Build, and Measure.

Empowered Startups provides global industrial network and unique partnership in sales, distribution, legal and technology development. With our access to the brightest minds, extensive network, and strong financial resources, we are committed to help our ventures to achieve rapid and successful acceleration and commercialization.

Our Service.

We have the infrastructure, on-site mentorship, access to technology, access
to capital, and close relationships with university labs to build companies
that will scale internationally.

Fulltime residency in Empowered’
soffices for 12 months and then into your
own offices with Empowered’s 2nd year
Mentorship program from months 13 to 24.

Intense short-term residencies over 12
months with programming customized
to your stage of product/market fit and
business model development.