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Empowered Startups partners with Design 1st to launch three new businesses in 2017.

Posted 29/03/17

Empowered Startups has partnered with Design 1st, a
Canadian leader in innovative hardware product design,
engineering and manufacturing set-up. The two
companies will bring three new products to market in the
fall of..

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Start-up Visa Program Growing and Successful .

Posted 05/05/16

As of May 2, 2016 there are 51 entrepreneurs landed as
permanent residents through Canada’s Start-up Visa
Program. These individuals (and their designated
organizations) are responsible for 26 new
start-up ventures in..

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Recent Permanent Residence Approvals Start-up Visa Canada.

Posted 29/05/15

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) announced
today that six more new companies have successfully
launched through the Start-up Visa program. The
announcement was made at an event hosted by the
Toronto Business De….

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Bring Your Clean Tech Startup Ventures To Canada

Posted 17/03/15

Empowered Startups is looking for clean tech. startup
ventures. Qualified international Founders with
the financial resources to launch and fund their venture
in Vancouver or Whistler will received expedited

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