children’s classes

Kids Yoga

Too often we find our children sitting in front of televisions, playing video-games and/or sitting for hours at desks to complete lengthy projects and school-assignments. Give your child a much needed break and watch them discover the endless possibilities of movement, generate their own yoga creations and gain the many benefits of yoga in a fun and engaging environment. Our Hatha yoga program for children includes rhythmic movement and game-playing as well as many of the classical yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques, and breath work. In these classes, children stretch both their bodies and their minds. See your child build cooperation and trust with the group, develop listening skills and creative interpretation.


Genesis Tree of Life is currently offering Yoga in two age brackets:
-5-7 yr olds
-8-12 yr olds.

We offer a unique curriculum of yoga movements, creative game playing, social interaction, and meditation, perfectly blended to help your child grow and develop. By developing a positive self-image and understanding the power of attitudes, your child will be well on their way to living a life of achievement. He/she will know how to clarify their life’s goals and know how to set goals. He will develop the strong skill of clear thinking. Self-motivation is a great key for a successful life. The outcome of our program is to generate a true sense of enthusiasm and creative thinking…