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Genesis Health & Wellness Rates & Forms


Health & Wellness

15 Minute Free Consultation – Call us!

Nutrition / Health Intake                          $300/ 2 sessions 60 min each

BioSyntonie                                                   $85/ session
$875/ 6 sessions

Cleansing/Detoxing                                   $440 28-day group detox
$299 21-day group detox
$139 14-day group detox

Energy Balancing                                        $85 1 hr session

Low-Level Laser Therapy [LLLT]        $50/session
$200/ 5 sessions
$400/ 10 sessions

Naturopathy                                                   $125/session

Yoga Therapy                                                $100 1 hr session
$325 5 Session Series

Chi Machine                                                   $15 – 10  min
$25 – 20 min
$35 – 30 min

Infrared Therapy                                          $30 – 15 min
$50 – 30 min
$85 – 60 min

Chiropractic Services

Initial Appointment                                       $100
Regular Chiropractic Visits                      $50
Prenatal/Postnatal Package*                 $400 – 10 Sessions

Message Therapy

Prenatal/Postnatal*                                     $85 – 1 Session

$510 – 6 Sessions

Prenatal Yoga

6 Months (24 Yoga Classes)*                   $570

Nutrition Prenatal & Post Natal

Dr. Rene David Alkalay*                              $895 – 9 Sessions


Prenatal & Regular Visits*                         $300 – 10 Sessions

Ten Percent Off if you use all of the services marked with a * for your pregnancy. Save over $300!

Counseling Services

Lifestyle Couching                                     $85 1 hr session
Focal Group Therapy                                 $50 p/p 90 min session
Therapeutic Counseling                          $85 1 hr session

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Health & Wellness Therapy Series

Healing Series

Five therapies that rebalance your system
to help alleviate pain, discomfort and
certain acute and chronic health conditions.

  • Cellular Electromagnetic Balancing (up to 12 min)
  • Chi Machine
  • Infrared Hothouse Dome
  • Rebounder
  • Inversion Board
$130 5 sessions/wk
$85 3 sessions/wk
Wellness Series

Four healing therapies that rebalance your system to help you regain or maintain a sense of well-being.

  • Cellular Electromagnetic Balancing (up to 8 min)
  • Chi Machine
  • Infrared Hothouse Dome
  • Rebounder Inversion Board
$120 5 sessions/wk
$75 3 sessions/wk
Fitness Series

Three therapies that work to get you and keep you feeling fit and healthy.

  • Chi Machine
  • Infrared Hothouse Dome
  • Rebounder
$100 5 sessions/wk
$65 3 sessions/wk

Unsure which service is best for your situation?

Let Dr. Alkalay recommend the best course for optimizing your health.  The first step on your journey is a comprehensive consultation to understand your health history, assess your condition and develop an appropriate program to address your specific health needs.

To schedule your health consultation call 347-497-3673.  In order  to provide you with holistic care Dr. Alkalay needs to have as much information  as possible on your health history and current status so you may better  served on your journey to optimal health. You will need to fill out a Health History Form, provide the results of comprehensive blood work (CBC) taken  within the last 90 days and keep a food diary for 5 days of everything you eat and drink.

*Information on this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosis, prescription, treatment or a cure for any disease, illness or condition. Our therapies are complimentary and alternative but in all cases of disease and illness it’s highly recommended you contact your doctor or healthcare provider before choosing a course of action