Sport online with your friends.
Bringing You The Online Fitness That You Need

Are you looking for a social sports platform that specializes in helping people with getting healthy exercises? Onisper is your Go-To site for regular online health exercises. At a time when lots of people are finding it difficult to get the right workout on a regular basis, Onisper offers one online platform to keep you healthy while staying connected with your friends and people who matter in the most amazing way.

No Barrier – No Limits

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an experienced athlete – there is always a place for you in our workout routine and innovative online social sports interaction. At Onisper, you can workout with your friends irrespective of the distance or location they may be. Our state-of-the-art technology empowers you to see, hear and interact with one another. In fact, you reserved the ability to sport where, when and with whom you prefer, under our intuitive video guidance and highly skilled sports instructors. Onisper is also a high-class social-fitness & health platform for professionals and top notch athletes who are willing to share and divulge their invaluable knowledge and content online, with a view of building their own online gym.

What You Stand To Gain From Our Online Social Fitness Routine

Health and fitness is a dynamic process because it is always changing. There are times when we have good health, times of sickness, and even times’ of critical illness. As we experience changes in our lifestyles, so does our level of health. The participants (both professionals and newbie) at Onisper’s platform that currently and regularly participate in our online physical fitness activities and social sports interaction do so partly to develop and improve their immediate and future health levels. You also can become part of this world! As a team of fitness professionals, we spend a great deal of time motivating and assisting others in their quest to achieve good health through our online workout routines and social sports interaction. Of course, education and real time practical experiences are part of this unique routine. The benefits you stand to gain from our online workout activities include:

Unique Interaction:

All users of our platform will have the ability to interact with friends from near and afar through our online social interaction. Our online interaction means you can see and hear each other during and after the exercise. It is more user-friendly to decide what to do once you are ready to participate. You can get better tips and help from your own social environment. All channels of communications are always open to enable you achieve more satisfactory relationship with your environment.

Workout on your own schedule:

Since you are the one performing your own workout sessions, you have all the time and space to choose and determine where and when to undertake your workout at any time. Your work doesn’t have to retrain you from getting to your gym across town. Most of our online workouts include lots of bodyweight exercises such as Yoga and Pilates, which you can easily complete in the comfort of your home by interacting with a friend or another user at the guidance of a video instructor.

Access to an expert: 

You don’t have to be in the same city with your trainer before you can get the exercise you have always wanted. You can prepare for that competition, marathon training, or personal sessions simply by securing the tutelage of a friend or an expert who would be online to guide you all the way through video instructions.


A single gym session on a personal training base comes with a hefty price for traditional exercises. But with Onisper, the rate is quite cheap for a training session. Your entire investment in our social sports platform will stretch out for a long time.