Shilp Décor creates classy and contemporary Home interior and Exterior Designs

Home (Home / Apartments / Individual Villa / Bunglow)

Think of peace, Harmony & Tranquillity: then it has to be your home where the Home Interiors will compile you to get back home and feel at home.

Flaunt your lifestyle with captivating home interiors with the magical wall colour shades , mystifying flooring , jazz up your home décor with elegant home and garden furniture to show off your style quotient and smart modular kitchen with all the cooking essentials , all this together incorporated with vastu will bring in peace , harmony & prosperity in the house and in the life of its members.

Treat your home with creative ideas & smart home interior designs and feel the difference with pride

Office (Office / Corporate / IT Firms / BPO )

Our office interior designs focus to engage the employees and to create the environment that motivates them to put their best efforts in work to match up with the office standards we set in through our office interior designs.

 Our office interior designs will no doubt inspire the employees and boost there level of performance.

 We take care of every aspect of the office space to create a good corporate identity with all amenities for the employees keeping your budget into consideration.


Hospitality (Restaurant / Hotel / Resort / Café Bar )

While designing hospitality interiors we need to keep in mind about maximizing the space along with making it look very homely and comfortable taking extra care of the walls, lighting, furniture, furnishing, flooring and accessories, all to give a lively look.

There is more scope for innovative designs in this hospitality interior designing segment and we aim to achieve unique and interesting designs for every hospitality interior designing project we undertake.


Commercial (Commercial / Health care / Retail / Show Room )

Shilp Décor designs extend its expertise and experience in designing commercial spaces with a commitment to provide an identity for your business with the best commercial interior designs.

Our commercial interior designs focus on increasing the functionality of your business space creating business class environment with elegant display and storage units and sophisticated reception areas.


Institution (School / College / Tutorial / Play Home )

With the increasing numbers of foreigners visiting India for education, the institutions have a challenge to attract these students with world class facilities and infrastructure which has become a need today.